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Hello. My name is Larry and I am the owner of " The Missing  Link " in Venice, Florida. Venice Florida is known around the world as " The shark tooth capital of the world. " I started " The Missing Link " in 1995 when I decided to turn my fossil collecting hobby into a business. I have lived in Venice for over 20 years and have spent a lot of time collecting fossils and shark teeth. During the past five years my search for fossils has taken me to some interesting and remote areas. Several of my dig sites required that you drive to the general area and then backpack through the woods with all of your digging gear. This can get a bit trying with the Florida heat and bugs but when you start uncovering 100's of fossils it all becomes worth while.

Click for an enlargmentUnfortunately, all of my sites have been closed to diggers and the best site of all has now been transformed into a sub-division of expensive new homes. This is the site that is shown in my pictures and is where most of the fossils I am selling came from. You can see in the pictures that we had to dig down 8'-10' to find the best fossils.

In 1995 I started " The Missing Link " as an outlet to sell some of my vast collection of fossils. I started buying fossils from other digging friends who worked at it every day. A couple of my friends are shown ,hard at work, in my dig site pictures. I learned how toClick to enlarge wire wrap shark teeth and started making and selling shark tooth neck chains to souvenir shops. This led to a whole line of fossil products and souvenirs and I have decided to create this web site and offer them directly to the public.

I hope you enjoy your visit to " The Missing Link " - Your source for high quality fossil shark teeth, and small fossils. All orders come well packaged and are promptly delivered after payment is received. 

Thanks for stopping by, Larry


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