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 6pc. Fossil Mix
 This is an assorted mix of fossils and may contain
 stingray barbs, mouth plates, puffer mouth plates,
 barracuda  teeth, and saw fish teeth.
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 Stingray Tail Barbs and Mouth Plates
Sting ray tail barbs and single bar mouth plates are
 found at the local beaches mixed in with the shells
 and shark teeth. They are also a common find at
 inland dig sites. The stingray tail barbs may not all be
 complete due to their long, thin shape; however I put
 in the best I have. The single bar mouth plates are all
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 Fossil Horse Teeth
These fossil horse teeth were collected here in Venice,
 Florida. They range in size from 1/2" up to 3" long.
 Most appear to be from the horses Equus and
 Nannippus, but its possible you may receive a fossil
 tooth from a Bison. They look very similar.
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 1lb. Assorted Small Fossils
This one pound assortment of fossils is made up of a
 wide variety of all of the smaller fossils found in this
 area. These are not complete specimens, however
 there are hundreds of fossils in a pound and many are
 nice 2nds. More Information...
 Parrot Fish and Puffer Fish Mouth Plates
Parrot and Puffer fish mouth plates are found along
 the local beaches mixed in with the shark teeth. They
 average between 1/2" and 1" long.
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