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 Tiger Shark Teeth
 (Galeocerdo covieri) Starting from $3.00 a dozen.
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 Assorted Modern Shark Teeth
 Sold by the dozen or hundred. Starting at $3.00.
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 25 Small Shark Teeth
 Package of 25 assorted species of modern shark
 teeth. These teeth are all under 5/8" long. Assortment
 may include Tiger, Bull, Glyphis, Hammerhead and
 others. More Purchasing Information....
 Ganges River Shark Teeth
 (Glayphis Gangeticus) Starting from $4.00 a dozen.
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 Bull Shark Teeth
 (Carcharhinus leucas) Starting from $9.00 a dozen.
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 1-lb Fossil Shark Teeth
 These fossil Shark teeth are considered scrap and
 are great for use in aquariums and crafts. They are
 water-worn or incomplete teeth and some larger
 Melodeon tooth pcs. are included in every pound.
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 5 - Tooth Card
 The 5 tooth cards each have 5 complete fossil
 shark teeth glued on them. The cards come in a
 variety of colors and each card comes in a 3"x4"
 zip-lock bag. More Purchasing Information....
 3/4 oz. Bag of Teeth
The teeth in these bags are a mix of scrap teeth
 and 2nds teeth. They come in a 2"x3" zip-lock
 bag. More Purchasing Information....
 Wire Wrapped Shark Teeth
 Expertly wire wrapped shark teeth ready
 to hang on a necklace, anklet, or ear rings. These
 teeth are jewelry grade and range in size from 5/8"
 up to 1". All teeth are wrapped using very high
 quality heavy stainless steel wire. More Purchasing
 Jewelry Grade Teeth
 Our jewelry grade fossil shark teeth come in sizes
 from under 1/8" to 1" long. They are complete shark
 teeth collected here in Venice, FL. and you will receive
 a variety of species including bull shark, lemon shark,
 sand shark, dusky shark and others. More Purchasing
 2nds Grade Teeth
 Our 2nd's grade fossil shark teeth come in the same
 sizes and species as our jewelry teeth. They all will
 have some minor imperfections
like a nick, chip or
 discoloration. More Purchasing Information....


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