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Jewelry Grade Teeth
Our jewelry grade fossil shark teeth come in sizes from under 1/8" to 1" long. They are complete shark teeth collected here in Venice, FL. and you will receive a variety of species including bull shark, lemon shark, sand shark, dusky shark and others.

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Size (Length) 25pcs. 50pcs. 100pcs.
under 1/2"

1/2" - 9/16"

5/8" - 11/16"

3/4" - 13/16"

7/8" - 1"
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Sold Out

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2nd's Grade Teeth

Our 2nd's grade fossil shark teeth come in the same sizes and species as our jewelry teeth. They all will have some minor imperfections like a nick, chip or discoloration.

Size (Length) 25pcs. 50pcs. 100pcs.
under 5/8" N/A

5/8" and bigger N/A


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